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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Turkish Lessons -1

Basic Turkish Phrases-Greetings times of the day


First thing you need to know at the beginning of your Turkish Learning process is greetings.
Below you will see the translations, one important difference that we split afternoon into two and use times in plural form;  like saying good evenings=iyi akşam+lar etc.

Times of the day;
Morning                Sabah
Noon                    Öğlen
Early afternoon     Öğleden sonra
Late afternoon      Akşam üstü
Evening                Akşam
Night                    Gece

Greetings accordingly
Good morning      Günaydın
Good afternoon    Merhaba (Hello) or İyi günler (Good day)
Good evening       İyi akşamlar
Good night           İyi geceler
Sweet Dreams      Tatlı rüyalar

sevgiler (warm regards)

Turkish Tutor Selin

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