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Turkish Course Books

"Talebe", Turkish Lessons I is a course book for beginner level students.

The units in the book cover a wide range of issues, including introducing yourself, talking about other people, shopping for food, saying what you have, saying what you want, giving about personal information, talking about plans, talking about routine activities, comparison, describing people, obligation, necessity, at the doctor, suggestions, requests, permissions, biography, talking about past experiences, reporting statements, saying where things are, shopping for 
clothes, ability, at the restaurant, talking about future events, giving advice and more… The units are supported with easy reading texts, letters from your penpal Ezgi, which enables the learners to improve their reading and writing skills. There are also 6 revision units to check how much grammar you have learned.
The structure of the units is very simple: The situation is introduced to the learners through a dialogue, reading or listening exercise, the learners learn the related grammar, they practice the form in pairs or groups, they do the listening exercise and do more speaking activities. The learners also do the reading text at the end of each unit and write a similar text. The aim is to have the learners learn necessary grammar and vocabulary as well as practice through speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

Other Details; Level beginner Size A4 Pages, 140 pages, Color black & white, Answer key available CD none .

"Hocam" is an intermediate course book focusing on conversation, therefore the units are designed to give the learners both grammar and vocabulary to build up the language as well as help the learners gain fluency in conversation through conversation chapters. The grammar units covermain grammar rules such as questions, describing objects, comparison, tenses, time expressions, adjective clauses, passive voice, reporting statements, necessity, advice, need, verbals,conditionals, habitual past, indirect reporting, object clauses, nouns clauses and so on. The conversation chapters cover main topics necessary for everday need such as getting to know each other, free times, TV guide, future, family, animals, films, adventure, books, money, holiday, city, shopping, food, home, business, health, newspaper, sports, belief, politics.

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Tomer Turkish Learning Books; Hitit series.

There are 3 books in the series, all comes with a CD.