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  1. What is consonant change in Turkish language?

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for your question.
    The purpose of consonant mutation is to make sure smooth pronunciation.

    For instance kitap means book; if you add -ı suffix;
    kitap+ı= kitapı is wrong cause it's difficult to make the sound
    kitap+ı=kitabı is smoother; so p becomes b

    Here are more information;

    1.)Consonant Mutation
    A- Word mutation
    Two conditions must be met for word mutation to occur:
    1.You have a word ending with one of 'p, ç, t, k'.
    2.You want to add this word a suffix that starts with a vowel.

    P Becomes b
    Ç Becomes c
    T Becomes d
    K Becomes ğ

    2.)Suffix mutation

    Two conditions must be met for suffix mutation to occur:
    1.You have a word ending with one of 'p, ç, t, k, f, h, s, ş'.
    2.You want to add this word a suffix that starts with 'c' or 'd'.
    In this case, the first letter of the consonant changes.

    1. Hi I love your site :) can you please give an example of a suffix mutation where the first letter of the consonant changes like you did with Kitap+ı=kitabı for consonant mutation example? Thank you so much.

    2. Merhaba, thanks for the comment and compliment:) please below find the answer;
      Example to suffix mutation;

      alışveriş+den=alışverişten; when "den" suffix attached due to "ş" letter first letter of the suffix is changed from "den" to "ten" By the way that means from shopping. You can use it as follows; Alışverişten geliyorum=I'm coming from shopping.

      git=go; to make went we add di past tense suffix=
      git+di="di" becomes "ti"=gitti

      other examples;
      raf+dan=raftan=from the shelf
      şarap+da=şarapta=in the wine

      Hope that helps!

  3. How Is Turkish Letter R and S with hook Pronounced?

  4. Merhaba:) Here is the answer;
    R sound is similar to one in "rent" word
    and Ş (s with hook)sound is like "sh" sound in show/shed/should.

  5. i would like to learn turkish online can you tell me the procedure please :)

  6. sure:) please email me at selinninic-turkishtutor(at), thank you!

  7. can u please tell me the meaning of kardesh

  8. Merhaba Rehan, it's written as "kardeş" means "sibling" in Turkish.

  9. hi what does this mean, I don't understand. Sorry i know this is long.
    Insan kalbinden olur, vucudu yasar, bida ask bulur, ama her zaman kalbinden bir izi kalir, gecmisi hatirlatir, be kadar sevmisdi hatirlatir, bu yeni sevdigi daha kiymetli, sevsin diye hatirlatir, ilk askim, herzaman seni severim, hic unutman, herzaman birtanemsin. Thank you!

    1. People die through their heart, body lives
      also finds love but always leaves a mark on the heart
      reminds the past, reminds how much loved.....
      my first love, I always love you, never forget, will be my one one only.

  10. admin could you please tell me the name of the song in fatmagul season 2 episode 54, where fatima and karim are together in a club?? please

  11. I need some halp, how can I write this sentens in Turkish?
    Further to our meeting I am sending you my offer for salary of .... (monthly transportation costs approx....)

    I expect your observations

    1. Toplantımıza istinaden,......için maaş teklifi önerimi iletiyorum (aylık ortaama ulaşım harcaması..)

  12. Why does the past tense have so many forms?

  13. Hi can you tell me please what yakinda ordayiiiimmm means thankyou

  14. Hi can i know what the ben de is used for? Like i would say ben x and the other person would say ben de y. Why would he say ben de and not ben y?

  15. Teacher i like a sample of a converstaion between me and my father