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Friday, August 19, 2011

Learn Turkish with music-4-Nil Karaibrahimgil-Hakkında Her şeyi Duymak İstiyorum

Nil is one of my favorite Turkish singer, she takes you away from real life to wonderland, you feel lighter while listening to her and watching her clips. Her songs are generally helpful for Turkish Learners she has songs called, Kek (Cake), Rüzgar (Wind) etc easy going, easy vocab.
To listen to her other song in this blog "Evlenmek Gerek" please click here.

I include lyrics below, this song uses basic form of the verb without any tense dur=stop, çık=go out , dön=return etc.
Plus you will hear negative form "me/ma"; Bak+ma=don't look; yap+ma=don't do ; gel+me=don't come etc.

Dur dur dur dur dur
Bakma öyle bakma öyle
Çık damarımdan
Yok yok yok yok
Yapma böyle yapma böyle
Gitmem yanından

Çalma öyle gelme böyle
Dön kapım dön kapım
Cık cık cık
Deme öyle ona söyleme
Kork cevabımdan