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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Turkish Olympiad Commericals 2011-Ukranian Boy

Every year Turkish Olympiads take place in Turkey, where people all around the world come to Turkey and compete to be the best among Turkish speakers with their performances. More about Turkish Olympiads visit the web site.
I'm sharing the commercials of this year, they are really good. I have seen 3 so far, this one is in Ukraine, Ukrainian boy is selling fish in fish market and speaking very cute and fluent Turkish.
Below is the lines he says, these are typical bazaar sales person sentences would be useful.

-Gel, vatandaş, gel, abla sen de gel.
-Derya kuzuları bunlar
-Günlük taze balık. Balkonda ye, komşunla ye. Gel vatandaş gel.

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