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Friday, June 17, 2011

Learn Turkish-Turkish Phrases

·         Geçmiş olsun! “Get well soon!”
·         Hayırlı Olsun' wishing someone success in whatever they are about to endeavour.
·         Hayırlı Yolculuklar wishing a nice trip.
·         Hayırlı İşler when you enter or leave a place of you are wishing good business or prosperity
·         Kolay Gelsin when someone is about to start a new job/doing a job,/ or any type of work means "Come Easy"(may it be easy for you)
·         Güle Güle Kullan You would say this when someone has bought something new, literally means "Wear It With a Smile" -" Have Enjoyment With It" ..or "I Hope It Brings You Joy"
·         Şerefe! = Cheers!

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