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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Turkish Learners' Tips :Turkish Machines! Türk Makineleri

During your Turkish learning process you will discover many different and interesting things about Turkish Language. I'm listing these interesting facts in this blog as much as I can so that as Turkish learner you can see them all together which makes it easier to remember.

With technology advancing every century there is a new tool or machine that are introduced to our lives. And afterwards it's linguistic professionals job to find names to these new additions such as washing machine, mobile phone, printer etc. In Turkey general trend is to give functional names to these equipments that explains the purpose of them. I include some of them below with the common usage of "makine"="machine"

Fotoğraf makinesi=Camera
Çamaşır makinesi= Washing Machine
Bulaşık makinesi=  Dish washer
Hesap makinesi=  Calculator
Fotokopi makinesi= Photocopier
Traş makinesi= Shaver
Saç kurutma makinesi= Hairdryer
Çim makinesi=  Grass cutter

Additional (s)i suffix comes due to forming "noun compounds". When 2 nouns comes together to form a new meaning -i (ı,u,ü) suffix is used with (s) buffer when there is a vowel clash, like Türk Kahve+si, Güneş krem+i etc.

For recent technological vocabulary Turkish tend to use international English equivalents, even though there are Turkish versions. Therefore in Turkey you would be understood if you use below list in English;

domain name=alan adı
hosting=web alanı
web=web (ağ)
webmaster= web sorumlusu (ağ sorumlusu)


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