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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Have fun while you are learning Turkish

To Learn Turkish

Learning a language is not necessarily a fun process, find some tips and ways to turn your learning experience into fun using series, songs etc and to learn fast.
Before reading this I assume you already learned the parts on the left picture, basic, hi, how are you, thank you and personal pronouns; Ben, sen O etc.

Learn Turkish Next Step 

Turkish Tenses

learn turkish, turkish present tenseLearn at least 2 Turkish tenses, most common ones present continuous tense; gidiyorum, geliyorum and past tense, geldim, gittim.
First one is not too bad just attach -iyor suffix to the root of the verb; gid+iyor+um, gel+iyor+um.
Past tense has a bit more to remember suffix is dim/din/di for I, you and s/he it.; gel+dim; git+tim.

If you are interested in more details above 2 rules applies; consonant mutation (gittim, d becomes t) and vowel harmony.

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