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Friday, April 29, 2011

Fatmagulun Sucu Ne Episode 32, Kerim and Fatmagul's Song

Amazing last scene of Fatmagulun sucu ne episode 32. For Turkish Learners it would be a difficult one to understand as the pronunciation is a bit different with Aegean accent. But nice clip to show Turkish way of entertainment, sitting by the table with your friends and singing local songs among the group. Below including the Fatmagul's Last Scene Turkish song lyrics. This is an Aegean folkloric song (Ege Türküsü).

As one difference in the song "my women" ="kadınım" is said here as "gadınım"
The structure; Öleyim, Gideyim, olayım is I shall die, I shall go, I shall be.
The other one dursam, yuğsam; I wish I stop etc.
mersin here is no the city but the herb that grows in Aegean.
bi danem is "bir tanem" means my only one

Evlerinin Önü Mersin, Turkish Lyrics

Evlerinin önü mersin
Ah sular içmem gadınım tersin tersin
Mevlâ'm seni bana versin

Al hançerini kadınım vur ben öleyim
Ah kapınızda bi danem, kul ben olayım

Evlerinin önü susam
Ah su bulsam da gadınım çevremi yuğsam
Açsam yüzünü baksam dursam

Al hançerini kadınım vur ben öleyim
Ah kapınızda bi danem, kul ben olayım


  1. Çok güzel bu blog.Türçe oğreniyorum ve bu blog uygun geliyor =). Teşekkür ederim!

  2. teşekkürler:) sevindim faydalı olmasına (I'm glad it's useful) sevgiler (warm regards)

  3. thank you so much for the translation! I've been finding this madly since the trailer, this is one of my favourite episodes and I'm glad they didn't take their relationship too far, this was just enough, what's with kristen's angry face at the end though? :(

    thanks for the folk song translation, i love turku! can you please post some more folk songs as i'm falling inlove with them?

  4. you are welcome:)it's a great song choice.
    Kristen is apparently very jealous!I also very much enjoyed this episode!
    I wasn't that much into turku before but honestly after this one I started to enjoy, I will search and post the similar nice turkus on the following days.

  5. Thanks.

    Could you provide a translation?

    Someone in the comments said "thanks for the translation" - but I don't see a translation.

    At least, this line: "Ah sular içmem gadınım tersin tersin"

    I've seen different translations and I can't tell which is correct. One translation says "I can't go against the tides", the other says "I can't drink water while you're sweating".